Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daniel's Hand Stitches....WARNING PIC included....

Ok......this is for that best friend of mine who is a nurse and wanted to see Daniel's hand stitches when he was stabbed with that brown colored pencil. Warning....if you are squeemish.....just IGNORE THIS POST and I'll post some fun stitching things in the next one. My poor baby!!!

But all I've heard from other people is "That's a boy for you."'s still horrible what that kid did and the school nurse went around to talk with ALL the 5grade kids to explain WHY they don't do things like this. Granted the child did say he was sorry to Daniel and Daniel forgave him but it doesn't change the fact that this had happened.

Now after examining his hand even more, I see that we are going to have to really start putting the lotion on his hand because it was looking so dry this morning. Another reason is that we live in AZ and it's dry and HOT here which it not good for the skin.

That's enough about this subject so let's get on to other fun things to post about.

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