Thursday, March 31, 2011

A finish, a WIP, and some floss tosses.....

I had the bright idea after hearing and reading about crocheted washcloths and dishcloths to make one. I can crochet, learned to knit SIMPLE...key word being simple...things while living in Germany but here I am going to show you my new mauve crocheted washcloth. I researched the web and found this simple washcloth pattern that can be used to make dishcloths. I hard can it be to do a single crochet and then edge it with a contrasting color. Here is my first one I've done but it won't be my last as it is soooo easy to make and wonderful to do while talking on the phone.

This was sooo much fun I think I will make some more but use them for dishcloths. Who knows.....I might make it even wider and make a dish towel to match!

The next picture is one of some HDF Cotton Candy premium mini spools I had purchased. I love pink so you can see why I bought these! No....I don't know what I will use them for but I'm sure I will find something to stitch them in.

Next is a FLOSS TOSS for my LK One Hundred Years chart. I will be using a 32ct Country French linen (can't remember the color) and HDF draped across the fabric. I won't be starting this now but hopefully soon.....when I'm needing a "new start fix"!

After going to the Lenten Luncheon at the chapel on base yesterday, I was inspired to come home and dig out a WIP that I had started back in Germany for my husbands office. This is MBT FAITH being stitched in HDF Gilded Cage on a 30ct Americana Red Tissage Gander fabric. He picked the colors out of my stash so now.....I just need to get it finished so he can have another xstitched piece on his wall at work. Sorry about the wrinkled fabric. I was in a hurry this a.m. to get the pics taken while I had good light outside.

And last but not least is my iStitch Sew le coeur de Paris to be stitched on Sassy's Fabrics 32ct Mocha Java belfast in the colors suggested on the chart with one exception that I want a red heart instead of pink but this won't be the last one I stitch. I might give this one away. Who knows?

That's it for today. I REALLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN in my sewing room cutting out those dresses which is where I will go now.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blog today!


  1. Great post Brenda! Your dishcloth is lovely - great colour. I look forward to seeing what you stitch with the Cotton Candy thread - such a pretty shade. Your WIP is nice - the yellow really pops against the red Gander and I also look forward to seeing your finish of Sew le coeur de Paris.

  2. Great job on your dishcloth. Love the colors you chose for your future projects. Grat job so far on your WIP.