Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday? Again?

WOW! Where has the time gone? This time last week we had to take my son to outpatient daysurgery because he had been stabbed in his left hand on March 10 with a brown colored pencil by another boy in this classroom that he had asked to STOP kicking his chair. Now this is while his dad is gone TDY (temporary duty) to SC. Do these things always happen while dads are gone and we moms have to take care of these things??? OF COURSE!!! It always does!

The other boy kicked the colored pencil which ended up stabbing into Daniel's hand. Daniel went to the nurse but she was not there so he went to the front office and all they had him do is wash his hand several times and put a bandaid on it and sent him back to class. NO PHONE CALL by the front office nor his teacher and I was NOT A HAPPY MAMA when I picked him up that day.

Needless to say, the front office said they didn't think the lead was in there. I tried to get it out as I thought it was but then again....I'm no doctor ..... just a very concerned mom. I wanted to take him to the ER but some people didn't think it was necessary. If this ever happens again, I'm listening to my "mom instict" and forget what other people think. By the following Wednesday, March 16, I took him to his pedatrician and she referred us to a hand surgeon because Xrays showed the lead to be deep in the palm of his hand. So we went on Thursday March 17 to the hand surgeon who scheduled day surgery to be done on it on March 21. So we went to have his colored pencil lead taken out on Mar 21 but they also removed a very loose tooth as anathesiologist didn't want it to go down his throat or into his lungs. Thankfully, Daniel came through the surgery with flying colors, woke up easily, had some pain of course and we filled his medicine which was Tylenol with Codeine. Do you know that that didn't even make him sleepy!!?? We were shocked. But he did have 5 stitches in the palm of his hand and we went back this past Thurs to see the hand surgeon again. The dr said it looked very good but to come back in 2 weeks and he would take the stitches out.

So poor Daniel's baseball practice and games have been put on hold for now so hopefully he can get back into the groove here soon. I would show you pictures of his stitches but it might gross some people out and others, like my best friend who is a nurse, LOVES those gross things. We'll see if he is willing to let me take a pic to show you.

I got some stitching done during that week of spring break when the kids were off but I also did a lot of resting too! That was nice. Now that the kids have gone back to school last week, I tried to get back into my regular routine but with a hand surgery on Monday I still kept him home on Tuesday to make sure he was going to do ok. Yes....very overprotective mom I am. Now I'm just trying to get back into the stitching routine so I can have some things to show.

I have more to another post.


  1. Sorry to hear the reasons why DS needed surgery. Glad he is on the mend.

  2. I sure hope you spoke to the school, the teacher and the other parents!