Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Oohhhhh  the EXCITEMENT of the Royal Wedding today!  Yes.....I was one of those people who LOVE all this and yes I did get up at 12:50a.m. Friday April 29 to make sure I had the TV on and ready to watch all the wedding festivities!!!  I watched it all from beginning til the end and all the news coverage after that.  I did fall asleep at one point I realized later on when William had kissed Catherine but I woke up in time to see the kiss.  However, the kiss I saw was the 2nd kiss that he gave her on the balcony!  Oh well.  I did see both kisses on CNN Headline News later on so now I don't feel left out of really seeing it all. 

I did start on my Kelmscott Designs Wedding Wishes pincushion.  Here is a pic of the kit I got in the mail the other day and yes......I DID START IT THAT DAY!!!

I have the crown and "C" all stitched in and I'm xstitching in the "W" now.  I hope to finish xstitching it today so I can do the actual finishing work on Sat.

I wish the happy couple a very LONG and happy life.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the Brit wedding Brenda! I look forward to seeing your commemorative pincushion finished up!