Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sewing Easter dresses.....

Yes....today would be that day. I really wanted to get started first thing this a.m. because I love to sew in the mornings before my sewing room gets hot on the second floor of my house.

Unfortunately I'm getting started a little late because I had to go run an errand this morning that took longer than planned. So here is what I had started to do last week.....take progress pics of my cutting process. Yes both dresses are all cut out. Today was to be only the sewing day which I could have one completed by dinner time tonight (if only I'd get off this computer). haha

Here was my preparation pic I took when getting ready to cut out the dresses. I forgot to take pictures WHILE I was cutting them out. I got so excited about just getting them all pinned down that I just went ahead and cut them w/o remembering to take pictures. I always make matching mom/daughter dresses and on occasion I have made ties for my husband and son. Although this a.m. Daniel tells me under his breath that he hates to wear a tie. LOL I think it's funny because I actually do have the say so in that matter but we'll see if I have any fabric left. I did not plan to make matching ties so we'll see.

I know I have some of that light green fabric left but I had bought extra because Grace wanted to make a dress herself and start learning to sew. We have the pattern for that also. It's just the T-I-M-E factor for her between school, band practice after school, and she also volunteers to tutor other students in math after school. So she's really busy right now too. I will keep you posted on how and when she does get started. That will be SO MUCH FUN teaching her how to sew!!! Yes....I do have patience in that area.

Now.....I'm off to work and maybe I'll take some sewing WIP pics to show. Have a great day!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished results.

  2. Great pattern and I love your chosen fabric - I am sure your dresses will be perfect for Spring!