Thursday, October 31, 2013

272 Words.....FINISHED!!!

Yeahhhhh......I finished my husband's project!!!!  He loves it!!!  Actually I had finished it on Oct 15 but due to other activities, they prevented me from photographing it and sharing a picture with you right away.  So I took one the other day and have been dying to share with you ..... when life wasn't so busy. 

Here is my Primrose Needleworks 272 Words in all it's glory.....laid out on my floor to take big enough picture of it.

I love it especially now that it is all finished!!! 

Now I am going to start a new SAL with 3 of my stitching friends here.  It will be My Big Toe The Apostle's Creed.  I am stitching it on 40ct Vintage Light Exampler linen with all the Gentle Arts Sampler Threads minus one substitution of the color Caramel Corn to Heirloom Gold.  The Caramel Corn did not show up on my fabric as I did all the "test stitching" of the colors prior to our new start tomorrow.  hehe  One of us had to do the test stitching so that the other ladies wouldn't  be held up and get too far behind.  Right????!!!!

Here is my SB Halloween Grins that I stitched up for Halloween a couple Saturday's ago.  I usually don't stitch Halloween but this was a fun no-brainer project. get the finishing done to make it into a lovely pillow like the SB ladies have displayed in their shop.  So it will be on display for next year's Halloween in my house as I do not have time to make it into the pillow today to display tonight.  Oh well.  I look at it that I'm already AHEAD of the game for Halloween next year!  haha


Here is an ornament that I stitched up recently.  It is The Drawn Thread Christmas Quartet Peace, Love, Joy. 


I'm sorry for the wrinkles. I was in a hurry the other day taking the pictures. 

I needed to "edit" this post so my apologies for duplicate postings to your email.  I had taken the SB and The Drawn Thread ornament pictures too close as they could have been duplicated just from looking at the pictures.  Thus my reasoning for the edit!  Until next time.....



  1. Lovely stitching! It's got to be a great feeling getting 272 Words finished!

  2. Wonderful finishes Brenda especially love 272 Words - which I can comment in 1 Word - Stunning!

  3. Congratulations on finishing 272 words!! Can you recite them from memory now? Just wondering... Your two seasonal finishes are very cute! Hugs!

  4. Congrats on your finish!! Love your little ornaments too!!

  5. Congratulations on the finish, well done! The ornaments are adorable, love them!

  6. Oh wow -- I have 272 Words to do in my piles and yours is simply inspirational! :) I know it will take me forever, but I see you don't shirk the big ones--- moving for 272 to My Big Toe.... lol no siree, the woman does not shy from large stitching adventures.

    Congrats on all the accomplishments and good luck in the SAL.

  7. wow! you have incredible patientce. I love the peace love joy ornament - will that be put into a frame?

  8. Beautiful stitching! Love your 272 Words finish. I was looking at your last post. I passed up on the Black Cat Sampler -- wish I hadn't. Jean is always tempting me with her SOMs. You are so lucky to be able to go to the Attic any time. I'm envious!!