Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blogoversary Winner is MAGGEE....and a few WIP pics

I'm sorry I did not get around to drawing a name out on last Saturday for my Blogoversary.  I've been busy with my son having Friday off from school and then again yesterday.  So I was spending the days with him and my husband this weekend.  I've drawn a name out of the list for my Blogoversary prizes and the winner is MAGGEE!!!!!  So Maggee, if you will email me your mailing address, I will get your goodies to you in the mail.

Now....on to some fun stuff.  I've been stitching up some small things but I can't show you those right yet.  They are for gifts for upcoming retreat to Junipine with some of the Attic Needlework ladies.  You can see more about where we are staying HERE.  This will be my second year going and I'm really looking forward to it.  You bring your own projects to stitch on and food if you want.  There is a restaurant on the grounds and we had snow last year. 

As for what project I'm going to take, I really haven't decided on that yet.  I know I will take some small projects to work on when I get tired of those bigger ones.  I am thinking I will take at least one UFO and that will most likely be my Just Nan needlebook that Nan did for The Silver Needle long ago.  It is on that pink and white gingham fabric.  I love the design......I just hate stitching on that gingham fabric because when the fabric is woven, the corner blocks do not start on a vertical thread.  So I think that is why it got put away shortly after starting it long ago......or it could have been the fact that Air Force was getting ready to move us overseas to Germany for our next assignment.  Needless to say, I want it done so I can use it.  I will most likely take a couple of smaller SB kits and perhaps a PS Santa to stitch on or PS deer to stitch for my dad's xmas gift this year.  I will have to see as I think I've already stitched him all the PS deer.  YIKES!  (I was having a theme of deer ornaments going on for many years now.)

I did manage to stitch on MBT Apostle's Creed SAL the other night.  Here is where I'm at right now.  It looks like I am going to be having to stay up late all this week to get caught up to where I need to be for this coming Sampler Sunday at the Attic.


Then on Valentine's Day evening, I did give my husband his Valentine's Day card with some restaurant gift cards in it and his unfinished MBT Pray Building Block.  Yesssssss.......I went ahead and gave it to him so I could work on it in the evening sometimes too.  Here is where I am at now. 

I'm sorry for any wrinkles and excess background items in the pictures but I wanted to at least share where I'm at on them for now.  I did work on my Scarlet Letter H.K. Smith one as well as a SB ornament for this month.  I had high hopes of getting my Scarlet Letter almost finished before Feb 20 but then I decided to stitch the MBT Pray for my husband.  It will all get stitched....eventually!!! 

I'm off to do some finishing work on those little extra things I am taking to retreat for my roommies!!!  Hmmmmmm wonder what they will be.  I will show you pictures AFTER retreat.  I can't right now as some of them read my blog. 

Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Nice progress on your WIPs, Brenda! Enjoy your upcoming retreat. What a cool place!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. beautiful cross stitching