Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My new Scarlet Letter supplies and pic.....

I just posted this on Nicola's Scarlet Letter stitching link but I thought yall might like to see it here as well.  If you want to see what I wrote on her blog post, you can read about it HERE.  You will want to see the post by me "SL H.K. Smith....my new project".   

Anyway, here is going to be my new start for today!!!  Scarlet Letter H.K. Smith!  I LOVE this Adam & Eve in this but I also like the verse....very simple.  As I said in my post on the SL Blog, I liked the DMC colors but I LOVVVVVEEEEEDDDDD the silks when Janet and I pulled them.  The colors just seemed to pop on this 36ct Cream Edinborough.

Don't you just LOVE a new start on a project????  I do!!!  But I am trying to be better about starting so many new projects but sometimes I just never know what I want to stitch on some days.  I will be going through my UFO bag.....once again.....and weeding out what I like but am not IN LOVE with anymore about stitching up.  So to no avail, those projects may get donated away to someone who would love to finish stitching them. 

I hope to have some progress to show you on this new little project in the next few days.  Until then.....HAPPY STITCHING!


  1. Ok. I am jealous. I have been looking at all the Scarlet Letter samplers and try not to buy any. It will be fun to watch you stitch.

  2. Looks like a wonderful looking start in your future, Brenda! I look forward to seeing your project.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Congratulations on your new start, the silks are gorgeous and really do pop against the linen! I've got to go through my UFOs too, and am not really looking forward to it ;) It's a great idea to find new homes for old projects though, I'll keep that in mind :)

  4. Congrats on your new start, it looks like it will be very pretty.
    I'm going to check out her samplers, as I've been wanting to stitch a sampler.

  5. Yeah I know about new starts myself. As far as UFOs/WIPs and giving them away, I just saw a FB page dedicated to that--called Needlework UFO Adoptions. Maybe (after you blog about them) you can go there. Just a thought. Hugs!