Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Finally Friday and an Easter Treasure Hunt

Wow!!  It's finally Friday!!  I love that song and no.....I won't post a You Tube link for that song because I'm sure it's already stuck in your head by now!!! 

As I was reading my blog links instead of stitching at the moment, I came across an Easter Hunt Blog hop.  I was reading on Jo's blog about her annual EASTER TREASURE HUNT BLOG HOP.  You can click the link to find out more about this fun filled event and yes.....I did sign up to do this.  I've already printed off 3 charts and now to decide WHICH one I want to stitch to be able to share a picture with you on the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop. 

I just LOVE Easter and especially those Bunny Big Ears that I buy my family every year for Easter.  However, I told my daughter she had to buy her own Bunny Big Ears as it just would not make it if I mailed one to her to TN from here in sunny AZ.  It would be more a Bunny Big Blob than Bunny Big ears!  Here is a picture you are confused by what I'm talking about for Bunny Big Ears.

Now if you have NEVER had is well worth the money you spend on this delicious treat.  I started this tradition when my daughter was a little girl of buying one for everyone in the family and then for both kids later.  But......  I have a story too that goes along with Bunny Big Ears that you might find funny.

One year, I put it out for everyone to have on Easter Sunday morning.  I came home later to find that my husband had taken a HUGE BITE out of my Bunny Big Ears!  ACKKKKKKK!!!!!!  WHAT????  He didn't???!!!  Nooo???  But YES.....HE DID!!!!!  I looked at him .... all mad.... and asked him why??  He said he thought it would be funny to see my reaction!  Well he saw it!  I didn't stay mad though and no.......he didn't let me take a bite out of his Bunny Big Ears to replace what he had eaten out of mine.  So......not to worry.  I waited a WHOLE YEAR to get him back. probably guessed it by now.  I took a HUGE BITE out of his Bunny Big Ears the following Easter and left it for him to find after church that Sunday.  He looked at me and just laughed!!!  He knew I had been waiting a whole year to get back at him for eating on my Bunny Big Ears the previous year.  So yes.....that year.....revenge did taste very sweet!  I am not a vengeful person in the least nor do I promote it but they knew then.......don't mess with mama's chocolate!  We have laughed about this every year since!!!  So all in all.....what was a bad situation at the time turned out to be a funny story to remember every year.

Now I'm off to pull out some stash for these new charts I've printed off working copies for and see which one I can stitch up quickly enough and finish for Jo's Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I have never seen chocolate like that before. I have a hubby like that: and yes, I too would wait a year. It has to be done lol

  2. That is funny! It's the little things that make the best memories.

  3. Great story--revenge was yours! It's chocolate--don't mess with my chocolate! Hugs!

  4. We have a chocolate bunny tradition at our house too. Funny how you got your sweet revenge!