Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My belated TUSAL report and JN for February

I am very late in reporting my TUSAL for February.  My sincere apologies but I did go away on an awesome stitching retreat with some ladies from the Attic Needlework up to Junipine Resort in Sedona, AZ.  I will report more on that in the coming days.  I just need to get caught up on sharing pictures with yall.  (Yes....some of my southern slang makes its way into  my typing.) lol

Here is my February TUSAL Orts that I DID REMEMBER to take a picture of before I left on my little retreat. 

Yep.....that shows all the little ORTs that I had from the projects I worked on in the month of February.  Some of those projects would include  The Scarlet Letter HK Smith, MBT The Apostle's Creed, JN Cherub Garden whimzi which I will show you here in a few minutes, plus all the little gifts I gave to my roommates at the retreat which I will show you another day.

Here is my JN Cherub Garden that I thank our infamous Zeb for posting for me since I was away.  The area I went to had limited WiFi connection but I did not take my computer nor my iPad.  I wanted a total get away from any and all internet connection and just xstitch for the whole weekend which I was able to do.  I did finish 2 projects and xstitched on 2 other projects but I will share those on another day's post.

As I told Zeb, I don't know why I haven't stitched this darling little one before now since I have loved it for so long.  I am soooo thankful that Zeb is doing this year long JN SAL as I am now getting back into stitching all those wonderful charts I have collected all these years. 

But that is all for now.  I'm off to stitch the night away on MBT The Apostle's Creed.   I hope to share an update here in the next few days. 

Happy Stitching!


  1. Sedona was wonderful, wasn't it? Very relaxing and very nice with the rain coming down, and no snow! :)

    It was great to see everyone.

  2. Teensy little finish there... But, oh I cannot wait for the next post! Love retreats! Hugs!