Saturday, March 15, 2014

JN Gingerbread Jingle Mouse!!!!

Good morning everyone!  I am here to share my JN Gingerbread Jingle Mouse finish.  Poor thing has been stitched for a while now but I just finished him the other day.  He really wasn't that hard to finish either as Just Nan gave great finishing instructions for those of you who say they just can not do finishing work.  Trust me.....YOU CAN!!!  Now I need to get the first one stitched up so he won't be lonely.  That would be the JN Gingerbread Mouse that came out in 2012.  Fortunately my fabric for him is a little darker than this mouse so I will know which one is which.  This is NOT MY JN finish for this month.  I have that to post later on in the month when it's time. 

So here he is.  I've taken pictures of him 3 different ways so you can hopefully see all around him.


I JUST LOVE HIM!!!!  And no will NOT find him wrapped up as a Christmas present this year.  I promised that I would send you no more mice gifts!  LOL  (This is a joke between Kimberly and me but she does read my blog and is my best friend!)

I do have some more xstitched pieces finished but not photographed at the moment so I will do that this weekend and hope to share more pictures and posts this coming week.

Happy Stitching everyone!!!


  1. Adorable mouse, Brenda! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your other finishes.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Cute little mousie! Your finishing came out great! Hugs!

  3. Too adoreable!! Great job on the finishing!