Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

I want to recognize all those who have gone before me and possibly have sacrificed their life for my freedom today!  I had a grandfather who served in the Army but he would never talk about it.  He was too affected by all that he did while he was active duty. 

Being an AF wife and having my husband be on active duty, I can understand.  Many don't understand how I can be that way but it is just the way it is.  I don't have to know ALL that goes on but I just pray! 

So if you have a moment, THANK A VETERAN for their service and all that they do.  We live away from family all the time but our military friends BECOME our family.  Why?  Because we know what it is like to live that life and understand the sacrifices and help each other out. So send a card of encouragement and thanks to that Veteran that you may know whether they are active duty or retired. 


  1. Brenda, please pass along my thank you to your husband. I really like the 2nd graphic you shared in your post.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. YOU are the only military wife in blogland that I 'know'. So, being an ex-Navy wife, know that I thought of you and your husband last week on Veteran's Day, and that I appreciate the sacrifices you both endure for our country! Hugs!