Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow day.....and school's out!

We got our first official snowfall last night!!!  It started out as a wet snow last night and then in the middle of the night changed to the night fluffy white snow!! still made a deep pile on the driveway.  We got up this morning and checked the news and saw that DS school was closed......along with TONS of other schools and businesses!!!  He was very excited and hubby kept checking to see if the AF base had a closure but no such luck.  Poor guy!!  But DS and I shoveled the driveway for him when he comes home.  So I thought I'd take pictures of our snow before we shoveled it all off the driveway.

After a nice warm shower and a yummy hot lunch after all that shoveling, I'm ready to stitch while sitting underneath a warm blanket and watch a movie with DS.  Yes....I'm excited about the snow but wasn't really wanting it THIS early in our season!!!  I am NOT complaining!  I promise!!!

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Wow! A day off school because of Snow! Here in Melbourne, it doesn't snow and when in summer it is sometimes over 40 degrees celsius we still all have to go to school!

  2. What fabulous snowy pictures, Brenda! I always enjoyed a snow day as a kid and even more as a teacher. Stay warm!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Snow days still make me happy--for all the kids in the neighborhood! It is such fun to watch them playing! I remember my kids having lots of fun, and also the grands now... Hugs!

  4. I envy the snow. I live in Ireland. Snow recently had in 2010 for 4 days ( it was the winter of the century here)