Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Friday and a new project to start.....

Happy Friday everyone!!!!  I just had to post a quick picture of what I am going to stitch for myself.  WOW!!!  Yes.....this project will be for me.  I find that I stitch so much for everyone throughout the year that I do try to get a project for myself in throughout the year for myself.  And this one is not a B.O.P.!  (Big ole project is my acronym to say versus using the other name that people tend to use.)

Because I am leaving up my little Whimzi tree that I put every year for Christmas, I thought it needed a new Whimzi for this Christmas.  I meant to start this back in January when we were having some snow here but unfortunately, that didn't happen.

This is JN Frost Flower chart and supplies to stitch it up,  Yes I do have the Whizmi to frame it with but I just forgot to pull it out to photograph with the other supplies.  One great thing about JN whimzi's they can be made in to small ornaments without using the frames.  That is what I will be doing once I have used up all my Whimzi's!

Of course with it being February, I needed to change out my scissor fob for something with Love on it and what better choice than SB Love scissor fob!!!  I made this long ago and I pull it out every year to use.  Yes.....I do change my scissor fobs for the seasons as well as my ORT catchers.  My husband always asks when I buy a new pair of scissor if I really do need another pair and do I actually use them all?  Well OF COURSE I USE THEM ALL!!!  What better excuse to change your scissor fob and scissors for the different seasons and holidays??!!!  LOL   Only other cross stitchers can understand this concept.

I'm off to stitch the day away!!!  Hopefully I can complete this one today as I have NO CHORES to do today!!!  YEAH ME!!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. What a super project you have selected to stitch for yourself, Brenda! I am glad you are leaving up you Whimzi tree. Enjoy your day of stitching and the weekend!

  2. good that you are doing something fun for "YOU" !
    Enjoy your weekend - Mel

  3. What a lovely project to choose for yourself! I love your idea to change scissors and fobs for each season.

  4. Good for you, what a sweet stitch. One can never have too many scissors & fobs!

  5. What a pretty little design. I love the idea of changing your scissors every month especially with the matching fobs!