Saturday, September 2, 2017

Day 2 of LHN/CCN Autumnal SAL....

Ok just a quick post for those who may not have a Facebook account or on the LHN Facebook page.

Here is where I stopped last night at 3:30 a.m.   Ok...early in the wee hours this morning. LOL

I do hope to get this finished today but we'll see.  I did have 3 quick errands to run this a.m. as I like to go do my errands first thing to start my day so I can have the remaning day to myself.  Especially this weekend when I am trying to only stitch.

Not too bad progress for Day 1.  I am sure I would have been farther had I not been checking back every now and then to see who had posted their LHN progress!  LOL  It's been fun to see what everyone is stitching on for this SAL!!!

Back to the needle and my spot on the loveseat!  

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. 3:30? Wow, were you ever fired up! Looks wonderful! Looking forward to seeing the finish tomorrow(?)

  2. Go Brenda! What fabulous progress you made on your piece!

  3. HOLY CATS! 3:30AM??!?!? You are amazing!

  4. I love staying up late with my stitching, but I've never managed that late!! This piece looks great :)