Friday, September 1, 2017

LHN/CCN Autumnal Facebook SAL

WOOHOO!!!  Today is our starting date for our LHN/CCN Autumnal SAL.  This is being hosted by Vonna on Facebook.  I have pulled my fabric out of the bag and pressed the 36ct V. Light Examplar for LHN Blessed Are the Peacemakers.  What a great day to start a new project on a Friday!!  Ohhhh who am I kidding???  Who doesn't love starting a new project!!!???!!!  (Guilty as spoken!) LOL

I hope to get A LOT of stitching done this weekend as DS and DH are heading out for a retreat this Labor Day weekend!!!  I could have gone on the retreat but I have been traveling so much this year thus far I just needed some down time to not GO ANYWHERE else as of yet. I have all my chores and errands caught up so I have NOTHING TO DO but cross stitch this weekend, and I am gonna love it!!

Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Brenda, enjoy your weekend of stitching. I look forward to see your project come to life with your needle and thread. Go Brenda!

    1. I am trying really hard. I LOVE staying up late at night to xstitch. Sometimes I have a harder time GOING TO SLEEP than normal!! LOL

  2. I love a weekend filled with nothing but stitching! Your choice of project is great :)