Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advent Day 15.....

Today, I got a flipchart full of borders to cross stitch on towels or small projects.  It's sooo cool as there are designs on the front and backside of each little slide with one main keycode at the end.

As my friend Rae from the Tranquil Stitches board, who was my Advent recipient this year, said she was happy ... yet sad too.... the other day because we were already halfway through the Advent Season.  Time seems to be going so fast these days and everyone seems to be "filling" up each and every day instead of slowing down to enjoy the season.

I know I am one who is usually done and over with a lot of things before now but it seemed like I kept waiting for my husbands family to draw names.  However, I did go ahead and buy other presents ahead of time and tried to get that all prepared up ahead of time as well and just waited for his family when they finally did draw names.  I just got that package to them mailed off the other day.  Hopefully they won't wait as long next year to draw names but we'll see.

Be sure to take the time this season to really enjoy the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of our Saviour and not get caught up in the holiday shopping, gift giving, and "retail" side of it.  Take time for your family and for renewing your spirit and let's keep Christ in Christmas!

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