Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advent Day 24....

Today's gift is one that I've wanted to do for myself for many years but never bought the chart to do it or else I kept forgetting til the Christmas time frame.  But now I don't have to as Jorja has stitched me this "Merry Stitches" and made it into a wonderful hanging pillow!!!  I love her finishing work and her sewing projects!  I love this soooo much that I may not pack it away with the Christmas decorations as it can just find a place to hang in my sewing room.......hopefully!

Ohhhh we're getting to the end of our Advent Exchange on the Tranquil Stitches message board.  We have one more day and that is tomorrow.......Christmas Day!!!  I hope you have enjoyed reading my daily thread of what my Advent partner has given me.

I will be starting Jan 1 working on my ornaments for next year.  I've signed up for a LHN SAL with Vonna.  You can find her link on my blog listing under The Twisted Stitcher.  We are doing an ornament SAL on our Tranquil Stitches board but there is no set theme there.  Most likely I will be doing both LHN, CCN, and PS ornaments at first but we'll see what else gets thrown into the pile!


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