Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve......

Wow....where has this year gone to?   I know many of you will be asking that very same question as I always ask myself that question every year too.

I got up VERY early this morning in hopes of ordering from The Silver Needle's New Year's Eve sale. have to get up early when you are on a different time zone than CST.  And once again...poor Lindy was having issues with her website because of such high traffic load from people ordering from all different parts of the world. could be like in years past, where someone spams her website making it very difficult for us stitchers who LOVE to order from a great sale.  But for serious stitchers who love a great sale, I find it is WORTH the effort.  I just hope Lindy's computer issues get fixed, sorted out for others to be able to order from this sale also!

Thankfully I got up at 4:20a.m. too can call me a sick puppy as my husband does every year on this morning.  I ever so quietly get up and thankfully I woke up BEFORE my alarm went off so as not to disturb him and left him soundly sleeping while I crept downstairs to place my order.

I got on The Silver Needles website and tried to click on the things I wanted to order but to no would not let me.  I tried numerous times but could not get onto her website.  So I sat here and prayed that if I could get back online, I would "Order The Old Fashioned Way" which meant I just had to input my mailing address info, credit card info, special instructions, and then type in my order of the things I wanted to order in the last box.  I did that.  I clicked "Submit" and what do I error has occured.  It did not go through.  So I tried it again....still could not get online.  I kept trying and finally.....I got back online to where I could input my information....again....on the "Order The Old Fashioned Way" site link. 

I had just typed in "Please call me if you have any questions" in the Comments Box and was just about to type in my order again in the Order Section box when something happened and MY ORDER WAS SENT!!!  ACKKKKKK!!!  The order was sent with NOTHING in the Order Box area.  I checked my email and sure enough.....there was an email saying they had received it but it never lists what you order.  I went back to the website again....still trying to get back online when out of the blue......the PHONE RINGS!!!  It was Lindy from The Silver Needle calling to say they got my order but nothing was in the comments box and she would be happy take it over the phone!!!!  Now talk about GREAT SERVICE.....I definitely would call that great service.  I gave her my order which was for the SB Christian's charm pack, SB Anna Stocking complete supplies, SB Reed Stocking supplies but minus fabric for either of these.  Then Lindy said she would still honor the 25% off sale so I asked her if she would also include the SB Sadie's stocking supplies minus the fabric.  I was going to wait on the Sadie's Stocking but since she said she would still honor the 25% off sale price, I thought "why not?"!    I'm sure I could have ordered more but I'm REALLY REALLY trying to be good and only order now what I think I will really get to stitching this year.  Not to mention I want to be finishing up several large UFOs that only have a little bit left on them to do.  I will try to post my WIPs and finishes this coming year.

Tomorrow starts a new year and I will be starting it off right by starting a new ornament.  Hopefully this will be the start of many but I want to get a head's start on this next year's Christmas presents.  Hmmmmm wonder which one I will start with?  A Prairie Schooler one for my dad, LHN Baked Goods for my mom, or one from the 2010 as I only had 2 of them left to do before having to move back to the states.

My other goal for 2012 will be trying to get my UFOs stitched up as I mentioned earlier.  I hope to get a lot of stitching time in this coming year and use my time wisely to accomplish this.



  1. Happy New Year my dear friend! Glad you were able to get your order through to Silver Needle!

  2. Good for you. I look forward to see your progress on the stockings. I applaud Lindy for be a super lady and honoring the discount!!!


  3. what a nightmare but glad it all got resolved and Lindy took care of you. But you are crazy girl! getting up that early for the sale. I was cozy under my warm blankets fast asleep. Happy New Year