Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SG Advent Day 24.....

Oh today's package really had me stumped.  It was not a cushy one where you could squeeze it.  hehe  Yes....I'm still like a little kid who likes to guess what's inside and yes....I'm that annoying person who really likes to open the paper carefully and neatly.  DRIVES my family nuts!!!!  LOL  But I think that goes back to my childhood where we were so poor that we would save the wrapping paper to use again the next year and we needed to open the paper as carefully as possible.

Today, Lynne gifted me with a couple hot cocoa packets which I will drink during a movie marathon with my kids, a Debbie Mumm mug with a tea infuser ball and spoon rest.  On the back of the mug was a small packet of tea with a red note inside.  The note said, " I wish we could sit down together and drink a cup of tea, but since we can't, when you drink this one, I hope you will think of me."  AWWEEEE  I love it!!!  I have loved each and every one of my presents that Lynne has given me.  I always love this exchange every year.  I am NOT hard to please at all.

I just love the Christmas season!!!  Not only do I like the Mary Engelbrit decorations but also the Debbie Mumm like the mug I got today!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas mugs!!!  I drink hot tea in the fall and winter time.  I'm not a coffee drinker at all but I wished I were as I could use my mugs more!!!

Today I will be baking our Happy Birthday Jesus cake.  It will be in our tree cake pan and the kids are making the Buttercream icing.  Yes.....I still have the hairbow to make this morning and sew on the frog closures on Grace and my jackets.  I didn't get around to it yesterday but I did get the presents wrapped and some other chores done so I don't feel stressed out.  I'm going to go finish up some of that this morning so I can get some stitching in today.

Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Stitching!

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  1. That was a great present! I like ME and Debbie Mumm both... I don't drink coffee or tea but I drink hot apple cider (packets from the store...) and hot cocoa... So I use mugs when it is cold outside! Thanks for sharing!