Saturday, December 13, 2014

SG Day 13.....

Today I opened up some much needed high count linen.  I received a beautiful piece of Picture This Plus 40ct Doubloon linen and a P. Buckley Moss Inspirations book to read!!!  I will be reading this while drinking some hot chocolate today.

Still no photo to show of my iStitch Advent SAL.  Sorry.  I had left it downstairs when I came upstairs to open my Advent gift for today.  Maybe tomorrow......

However, if you still need to stitch up a quick Christmas ornament, I suggest you go over to iStitch's blog and have a look at Carol's new freebie ornament for 2014.   You an find it at the link I just posted and go to her "CHARTS" link.  You will see it there finished.  Just use whatever stash you have on hand or make a special trip to your LNS and buy a special fabric and special thread to stitch it up for someone special.  I think this is a perfect ornament to stitch for someone special as you can customize the ornament to their favorite color.

I also follow another blog called It's Daffycat.  Sharon has an adorable new ornament that she has designed up for her reindeer series of ornaments.  You can find her at the link that I posted and email her to request the chart.  I emailed her last night after I saw it on her blog as I just HAD to have it!  He is such a cute reindeer.

That's all I have to share for today.  I hope you have a wonderful stitching day today!!!


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  1. I'm with you for sitting with a mug of hot cocoa and reading an inspirational book! Hugs!