Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Gifts from my children....

I want to share my 2 Christmas gifts from my children.  Being a seamstress, a cross stitcher and general everything crafter, when my kids give me handmade gifts are EXTRA SPECIAL in my book.  Especially when my daughter calls me long distance to ask a question about how to go about sewing something.

DD is relatively new to sewing for about 5 years now.  She doesn't get to sew every day, but when she got into going to the Comi Cons, she wanted to make her own costumes to wear to them.  So I started teaching her to sew about 5 years ago.  She's come a long way since her first costume to where she is now and feels comfortable sewing on her own.  This was especially helpful for her Costume and Design class for her a Theater class elective this past fall.  She had to research a period in history, cut out an outfit and sew it up.  They had sewing machines available to the students who didn't have one at home and being far from me, she had to use their machines.  THANK GOODNESS she had an idea of what to do for cutting out and sewing the costume.

Here is what the design she made for her final and yes....she got an "A" on the dress!!!!  This made her mama SOOOOO PROUD!!!  She gave this to me as my Christmas present!!!  All the hours I had spent teaching her how to sew has come back to me ten fold by seeing what an excellent job she did making this dress....with a little bit of help and guidance from her teacher.

I just realized I had not taken a picture of the backside.

DS has always liked working with clay and making different projects for himself or for me as a gift. When he is working with clay, sometimes, I will be at the kitchen table as well making homemake clay buttons for different cross stitch projects.  He once created a Pansy flower for a Mother's Day present for me.

This time he was working with clay in his high school ceramics class, and they had to come up with a design to sculpt out of clay.  DS chose a Pokemon character called Dragonair.  I would see him bring it home to work on it some and then take it back to school the next day.  For his final, the project had to be completed so it could be fired (cooked), and they were to only paint it on final exam day.  I asked him about it, and he said he got an "A" on the final!  WOOHOO   I was SOOOO PROUD of him as I know he and his sister are very meticulous about the things they make.  Hmmmmm......wonder where they get that from???  Me?  Yes I am proud to say!!!

Here is what he created for his final exam and gave it to me as my Christmas present.  He snuck it back into the house so I wouldn't see it and be able to open it on Christmas day.

I just had to share what my kids gave me for Christmas.  DH got me a beautiful jewelry set of matching necklace, earrings and ring.  But.....he made me hunt around the house to find it as he hid it from me!  I did find it after a few clues from him!  It is gorgeous!!!  But I haven't taken pictures of it yet.

Now.....back to my stitching.

Happy Stitching everyone!!!


  1. wOw!The dress is so very fantastic! Isn't that awesome that your son gave you his character?! SPECIAL!

  2. Handmade gifts (especially from our kids) are the best! Both of your gifts are terrific. Happy New Year!

  3. What terrific gifts you received from your kids! Receiving handmade gifts is the absolute best!

  4. Those are wonderfully thoughtful kids you have! To give you something they worked so diligently on... very kind! Hugs!