Wednesday, December 16, 2015

iStitch Advent Day 16 SAL

Well I must say it's definitely been a busy day here at my house.  I did print today's chart off early this morning but was not able to get to stitching it until this evening after everyone has gone to bed.....except for DD.  She's enjoying being able to stay up late without having to do homework and enjoying her Christmas break so far!

Today's portion was another quick stitch!  I did use another black bead for the bird's eye and went back to fill in the missing deer from early on.  I used the brown silk for the deer that I have the birds stitched in.  My NPI silk that I had ordered did come today.  I'm not disappointed in it as it would have worked had I not found this NPI brown silk.  It's one shade darker than the brown I'm using but not enough to really tell the difference unless you hold it under the OTT light. 

This is such a fun project and I'm soooo thankful I'm able to keep up with stitching it all.  I am loving all the others that are posted on Carol's iStitch Designs Facebook page!!!  What creative eyes we all have!!!

So until tomorrow.....HAPPY STITCHING!

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