Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Stitcher's Garden Advent gift.....

Today started our annual Stitcher's Garden Advent exchange.  This is a closed message board of a group of stitchers, and we exchange stitched gifts through out the year.  But every December, we have our annual Advent Exchange!  We sign up for this exchange in June or July to prepare for our exchange. I absolutely LOVE this exchange.  The gifts can be simple, silly, fun, stitched, and goofy sometimes.  However, we do make a wish list when we sign up and fill out a questionnaire to be given to someone.  You list who you've exchanged with the past and also who you would like to give to this year.  The December 25 gift must come from your Wish List but the gift has to be around a $25 gift.  However, you can buy some stitching items from their Wish List to give throughout the 25 days of giving.

I opened my box and found the labeled Dec 25 present and set it aside.  I started pulling out the presents looking for Day 1 present and then I realized.....(duh moment here)......that they were not numbered!  LOL  So now a dilemma trying to choose WHICH present to open!!! 

I chose one and pulled out this adorable pair of snowman and snow woman holding a sign between them saying Let It Snow!!

I think it is soooo cute!!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. They make me smile! What a fun first gift to open!

  2. Oh this is going to be fun!! That is so cute!! Hugs!