Sunday, December 20, 2015

iStitch Advent Day 19

When Carol sent out the files this morning, she said that today's part was a little more stitching than we have been having.  I printed it off but already had A VERY FULL day planned.  I did take the stitching with me when taking DS to tennis lesson this morning so I got a small start on it.  But we went to see the new Peanuts movie today as a family and then had DH's office Christmas party this evening, I did not get to stitch on the rest of the advent SAL until this evening.  Not to mention some other chores that had to be done around the house today.

But when I finally settled in for my stitching time tonight, today's portion REALLY DID STITCH QUICKLY!!!  So don't let this band intimidate you at all.  Once you get to stitching on it, I found my stitching rhythm flow and it went quickly!!  I did start at the right side and worked my way left.  Same way with the bottom of this band.  In fact, the bottom part of this band I thought stitched up WAY quicker than the top part of the Christmas balls.

I hope you are enjoying stitching on your Advent SAL as much as I am!!!


  1. yours is looking great - I am only on day 6!

  2. It is looking lovely, Brenda! How was the Peanuts movie?

  3. Love this. Will have to look into it next year.

  4. Really cute! Congrats on keeping up!