Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thank goodness for ornament overflow box.....

I just LOVE to xstitch ornaments as most of you know.  Sometimes I get around to doing the finishing work for them and sometimes they find their way into my "Finished Ornaments Box".  This is a decorator box I bought from Michaels that I put my stitched ornaments in to be finished at a later date.  Sometimes, I put the finishing fabric with them, and sometimes they just sit there waiting to have fabric bought for them.  Then I have days where I just pull from the box and finish 2 or 3 at a time.

Here is why I'm blogging about this.  I was in need of just one more ornament as a last minute gift.  I dug around in my finished ornaments box and found an ornament with the finishing fabric.  YEAHHH  I didn't have to hurry and find a quickie ornament project and stitch it up.  So I did the sewing on it tonight and low and behold, I also had some cording left over (in another bag when I make too much) that worked perfectly as a hanger for the top!!!  Talk about being excited, I was!!!  Now I can wrap this little ornament up and send if off on it's way to dear friends of ours as a surprise Christmas gift to them!

LHN This is My Joy chart and CC Belle Soie Silk in the color Icing.

I just LOVE the fabric I had found for the backing!!!!!  I have enough of the blue linen fabric to stitch this again for myself as well as the snowflake backing fabric!  WOOHOO

Happy Stitching!


  1. What a pretty ornament, it's perfect on the blue fabric.

  2. Beautiful ornament and how lucky that you'd already found the perfect fabric for it! That will be a lovely Christmas surprise for your friends.

  3. What a fabulous looking ornament you put together, Brenda! I am glad your ornament overflow box was there to reach into. Go Brenda!

  4. I really like that! Haven't seen that one done on blue, but it looks great! And your backing fabric and cording are perfectly matching! Well done!